Wordless Wednesday: Yummy


Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park

Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park is an absolutely beautiful place in Metchosin on Vancouver Island.  These photos were taken on the eastern side of the park as it is easier access than the trail from the nature centre on the west side.  The tide was out on this particular day.

The photo above is of an adult Bald Eagle being chased by a crow above the beach.  I watched until the eagle was out of sight with the crow never leaving him.

The photo above is of a tidal stream, such a beautiful spot.

The photo above shows the Olympic mountains across the Strait of Juan De Fuca.  A lighthouse is faintly seen in the distance.  Photo taken from the beach looking south-west.  I liked the flock of seagulls that were flying around when I took the photo.

I hope to go back to Witty’s Lagoon and explore more of the park soon.

Goodbye Yellow Flag Iris

The pretty Yellow Flag Iris in the photo above and the one below  were a Spring fixture at the Somenos Marsh.  According to the local paper yesterday, they are soon to be no more.  Apparently they are deemed to be an invasive species and are going to be removed very soon.

When the winter rains come, this part of the marsh is flooded and there is no greenery to be seen so I don’t really know why they are going to be removed.  I will miss their striking yellow beauty.

For more information on why these are going to be removed, follow the link below:


Cathedral Grove (MacMillan Provincial Park)

MacMillan Provincial Park (better known as Cathedral Grove) is located on the highway to Port Alberni and Tofino beyond that.  It is just past Cameron Lake. The header on this blog is of some of the magnificent Cedar trees that are found here.  This is one of the most visited places on Vancouver Island and parking is difficult in Summer due to all the tour buses and other traffic.  If you can find a place to park the trails are worth it.  The loop trail on the north side is less visited than that on the south side and I think the north trail is more beautiful.

The photo above is of a very large hollow tree.  Husband and dog are in the hollow in this photograph.  Below is looking way up one of the giants.

The Cedar tree below is found on the north side trail.  It is interesting in that it has a split in it almost to the base.

Below are two tree stumps of trees that fell a long time ago but the stumps remain as home to forest critters.

Cathedral Grove has a very interesting history.  To real about it, follow the link below:


Goodbye Little Friend

The photo above and the one following are of a male Anna’s Hummingbird that fed at my hummingbird feeder all last winter.   It was a great challenge to keep the feeder from freezing through winter and so this year I have made the difficult choice to stop feeding in September when most hummingbirds will soon migrate and before the Anna’s will make my feeder its territory for winter.

I will miss my little friend but with things going on in my life I choose not to have the added stress of keeping the feeder going this year.  There are many other people who put up feeders where I live, I know that he will find food somewhere else.


The Late Summer Garden

Here are four photographs of part of my perennial garden taken today.  Above is Sedum Autumn Joy which is beginning to flower now.  Such a lovely plant and it really attracts bees and wasps.

Above is a white Japanese Anemone with many buds still to open.  I gave up trying to balance the natural color as the white is so bright, so I changed it to Sepia tones.

Above is Rudbeckia Irish Eyes which has been flowering since June.

Above is Hydrangea Pinky Winky showing its late Summer rich pink color.  This one starts out white than begins to show pink earlier on and now is this lovely pink all over.  Earlier in the season I cut many blooms when it was starting to show pink and dried them for a bouquet in our living room.

Jordan River

Here are three photos of Jordan River, a lovely spot where many surf located past French Beach on the way to Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island. The photo above and the one following are of Jordan River on a day when the sun shone despite the clouds.   There used to be a village of people living here but it was deemed that Jordan River was an unsafe place to live in case of earthquake.  The homes have been bought out and now driving through Jordan River lacks the quaint charm it used to have, save for the beautiful beach.

The photo above is a closer look at the rocky beach at low tide.  The one following was taken on a cloudy and cold day in early Spring when the seagulls huddled together.

For more information on why Jordan River was deemed unsafe, follow the link below:

Jordan River residents say they don’t want to sell to BC Hydro

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

For this week’s photo challenge of “Waiting”,  I took this photo today of two very relaxed riders waiting for the results of the Western Pleasure class they were in at the Cowichan Exhibition which started today and runs through Sunday.  As it turned out, the black horse on the right won the class and went on to win the next two classes as well.   It was nice to see camaraderie between the contestants although I wondered why they were not wearing western hats instead of english helmets but maybe it was a rule that they had to wear a helmet no matter what the class.

For more information on how to enter this week’s photo challenge, follow the link below:

Rain At Last..

Today we are having our first rain since the end of June, save for one day of a very minor sprinkle.  I am so happy about this.   The photo above is of a Spring storm over the Cowichan Valley taken from a dock at Cowichan Bay.

Soon it will be October when the heavy rains usually move in. I am so thankful that the heat of Summer is gone.

Red Sun Rising – September 6

Yesterday I posted about the smoke in our area and the sun.  Today the smoke is much heavier, smells like a campfire.  The rising sun was first pink as above, rising over Mt. Tzouhalem.  Below the sun becomes redder.  The second photo was taken about 10 minutes after the first one.

While I appreciate that the smoke is keeping the temperature down, it means staying in the house to avoid breathing the smoke in.

The Sun with Smoke

Today we were supposed to have hot temperatures but thanks to smoke which has moved over Vancouver Island from the Okanagan forest fires, the temperature is warm and much more bearable than it was yesterday when it was too hot to go outside.  When the sun rose this morning we could not see it, just a pink glow on everything and an almost eerie stillness.  Around noon the sun peeked through the smoke to create a lovely pink glow on the smoke.

For the photo below I was standing beneath our Deodara tree to photograph through the branches.  I hope looking at the sun has not done any damage to either my eyes or the camera lens.


Summer View of Cowichan River

The Cowichan River is very calm in Summer.  The level is down, gravel is exposed, roots of the trees at river side are also exposed.  But near shore the water is deep enough for the salmon who will begin their run later in September.  This weekend we are expected to experience above normal temperatures, I cannot wait for rain.

This photo is late day looking west from a place near the trail of the off-leash dog park.