A Plan to Photograph the Eclipse

I had a great plan to photograph yesterday’s eclipse, of which we were to see 90% coverage.  Not having glasses to watch the moon cover the sun, my plan was to pick a spot I love and photograph it at phases during the eclipse, watching the landscape turn to darkness (I hoped).  My husband and I set up camping chairs on the top of the Somenos Dike Trail, and I took the photo above of Somenos Marsh.  I  hoped that it would be so dark I would also be able to photograph cars on the Island Highway with their headlights shining in the darkness.  So we waited, and waited.

The photo above was taken at 9:30am, the eclipse being at most coverage at 10:20.  The photo following was taken at 10:10am.

As you can see the sky is a little darker blue, the light on the grasses has dimmed a bit.  We also noticed that the temperature dropped and it became noticeably cooler but to my disappointment there was no darkness.  My husband and I agreed that if we had been driving down the highway in our van with tinted windows, it was unlikely that we would have noticed any difference.

But at least we spent some time in one of our favorite spots, the peacefulness of Somenos Marsh.



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