Quinsam River Hatchery

Last Friday we drove to the Quinsam River Hatchery near Campbell River on Vancouver Island where the salmon run is now occurring.  Here are 3 photos taken on this day.  The first is a salmon jumping against the only gate that they open to let the salmon through two times a day.  Opening the gate allows the salmon to swim up river to spawn.  You can see the fins and bodies of other salmon that are waiting on the platform for the gate to open.  There are bears that come to this spot to catch the salmon and this was the main reason for our visit but sadly, we did not see any for the 1 1/2 hours we were there.  A man standing next to us showed me photos he had taken earlier in the day of a very fine bear coming down to the river.

The photo above is of the river downstream.  It is a beautiful spot and this photo does not do it justice.

The photo above is of one of the many seagulls that were on the rocks in the river.  This one was feasting on a dead salmon.

For more information on the Quinsam River Hatchery follow the link below:



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