More Autumn Maple Colors..

The photos in this post were all taken a few minutes ago of Japanese Maple trees in our front and back yards.  The colors this year are simply amazing, all of these photos are as the trees appear.  The first two photos are of my favorite tree which was featured in a previous post when the leaves were beginning to change.  This maple is in the corner of our back yard and receives afternoon shade.  Some of the leaves are as the first photo, a beautiful honey bronze while more of the tree has golden leaves, photo below.

The maple below is very feathery, through Spring and Summer it is green but now it is changing to deep yellow.  This tree is next to the one above.

The tree below is in front of our deck.  It has fairly small leaves which are green Spring and Summer but is changing to a similar honey bronze as the first tree in this post.

The Lions Head Maple in the last two photos is in front of a living room window next to our driveway.  This variety of Japanese Maple also has very small and curly leaves.  It has taken a long time to change color from its original green but once it began a few days ago it has quickly changed to a brilliant orange.  In the first photo some green leaves remain while the second photo shows more of the deep orange.

Our weather of late has had cold nights and warmer sunny days.  We are supposed to have a change this week so I think that these colors will not last much longer as the leaves will drop soon.  I am thankful to have these photos to remember these lovely colors.


Your thoughts are appreciated

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